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Tender Name: Tender Agent Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province SCMP Lianjiang printers, digital cameras and video cameras and other fixed procurement auction announcement

Tendering Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province SCMP is inviting qualified suppliers (including the agreement of the designated supplier of brand) on the second auction the following goods online.

Auction Number: BYJ-LJ2007069 Project Name: printers, digital cameras and video cameras and other designated procurement items

Of goods, quantity, and the main technical specifications see "List of designated bidding procurement of goods agreement" (SCMP, Fujian Province Tendering Co., Ltd. Web site designated supermarket Lianjiang fixed points)

Bid deadline: at 9 o'clock on the November 8, 2007.

Fixed bid agreement the purchase of goods list Contract Package No.

items of goods Class technical performance specifications of the number of model unit price bid price ceiling delivery

1 1 printer HP 1020PRO Standard

Mainland licensed, joint guarantee a supply station 1300 received the notice within 3 days after the signing of contracts with users; delivery within 7 days after signing the contract.

2 1 Ricoh R7 digital camera standard

Effective pixels 8.15 million, the mainland licensed, guaranteed all 1 platform * 2080

3 1 digital Standard camera JVC MG575AV With 40GB hard drive, the mainland licensed, guaranteed all 1 platform * 7000

4 1 desktop Kai-day M4850 Lenovo

computer ICP420/512MDDRII/SATA2/80G (7200 transfer) / SATADVD / / 17 inch standard LCD monitor / card / sound card / video card / 4 sets of three-year limited warranty * 4999 home

2 desktop Computer Lenovo Yang days E6000V

Intel935 processor 3.2GHZ/1GDDRII533/SATA2/160G (7200 transfer) / SATADVD/17 inch standard LCD monitor / card / sound card / graphics / three-year limited home warranty 1 unit * 7199

Note: "*" is the project directory is not fixed, the above items supplier quotes must be less than the price before they could be accepted.

Bidding to know 1, participate in bidding suppliers must meet the "Government Procurement Law" provisions of the conditions of Article 2. Yi Bo, Fujian Province Tendering Co., Ltd. acquisition of this document, please provide the organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, annual inspection by the previous year's business license and copies of copies (the original for future reference), online quote undertaking (format See SCMP Tendering Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province "service area") if I participate in auction by the corporation, must provide the legal power of attorney (above documents should be stamped with official seal), and submit the bid deposit 3,000 yuan (deposit must be pre-auction provided by bank transfer, account name: Fujian SCMP tender agent Co., Ltd. Opening Bank: Agricultural Bank of China branch of the left drum Sea branch, account number :13-11140104 0000 578, fixed-point agreement without providers to submit bids for each separate deposit.

2, the supplier of goods (including optional) must be a genuine original unopened, shelf, if the unopened original provision of non-genuine goods, the unconditional return and compensation for all losses resulting therefrom.

3, according to the contract bid packages, each number quotations items must be less than the user's bid unit price ceiling in order to be accepted by the lowest price bid, if the same quote is:

successful supplier of fixed priority protocol;

chronological order according to offer, as early as the priority.

4, bidding the auction side of the goods shall be within the scope of its business.

5, bidding service provided by commitment to the agreement can not be lower than the supplier's commitment.

6, participate in the second bidding suppliers must ensure that all information provided by the authenticity and accuracy of the bid side if false information was successful, will cancel the bid qualifications, forfeiture of all deposits, and be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws .

7, if no one bid to the bidding deadline, after confirmation by the designated supplier by supplier by price ceiling.

8, download tender documents Auction Time: November 5, 2007 beginning.

9, bidding the tender documents Price: 25 yuan / this, IFB.

10, download tender documents and upload auction bid offer, Website:

11, bidding suppliers offer file upload bid in the tender documents should be itemized fill out the form, press the on-line quote request upload, do not press this request will be considered invalid bid quotations. Bidding documents offer legal effect of electronic documents. Auction data to our server database records shall prevail and all bids due to network traffic caused by data errors or missing are with the Fujian Provincial Tendering Co., Ltd. Bo benefits unrelated to the reasonable choice, please upload the bid offer period to avoid unnecessary losses . After the successful vendor will be successful in writing the original file submitted. Successful vendor shall be the date of receipt of notice to come to winning bid to receive a notice of failure to receive winning notice when coming to the cancellation of eligibility and forfeiture of bid bond.

Contact: Zhang Xiaolan Fang Yang Tel :0591-83020202 83189686 Attachment: Second-line auction offer document (format), the contract template (format)

Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province SCMP

November 5, 2007
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Lienchiang Printers, Digital Cameras Procurement Auction Announcement - Digital Camera, Tender,

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